To us, every project is unique and we strive to make it a success right from day 1. We believe in systematic, process driven and qualitative approach towards each client. However, in order for us to be able to execute that, we need regular support from you. As a first step towards the project we would like to know you and your business needs because open and honest communication helps build up trust. How do you function? What do you want from the project? Who are your target customers? How would you engage them? What is your budget? How do you want to get billed (hourly or fixed price)? How do you see the project being implemented? We collaborate with you and collectively create a business model defining the process and goals. By this time, we both know what to expect from this project. You will be assigned a personalised team keeping in mind your requirements; and a designated Project Manager will be your point of contact for weeks to come.

We will present to you the first draft of the project on the mutually agreed-upon date and we look forward to researching and brainstorming with you in order to make our work better. We will have timely meetings to communicate the progress of the project. You can ask us anything! And we will be happy to help you through this process. Once the basic prerequisites are fulfilled, we will kick-off the project on a testing basis. We will do quality checks to ensure there are no problems with the functionality and design. Once we get a nod from you, we will start with the go-live process after the date for the same is a mutually agreed one. Daily check-in is one of the many perks that you get from us. We will communicate anything that needs to addressed and hope the same from you.

Even after the completion and successful implementation of the project, our collaboration doesn’t end. We will be around for support and regular follow-ups.